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Recruiting at scale is hard – it’s time-consuming, expensive, and requires specialized expertise. Today’s recruiting market dynamics have also changed. Old recruitment options don’t work. Traditional agencies are transactional and costly. In-house talent acquisition teams are not delivering.

Simply put, recruitment is in critical need of an overhaul!


Recruitment Reinvented™

TALENTSPOKE is a next-generation recruitment engine purpose-built for:

  • Startups/Scale-ups
  • High growth organizations
  • Replacing suboptimal internal talent acquisition resources
  • Organizations with ongoing recruitment needs of 4 – 40+ roles

Hire smarter

TALENTSPOKE is a fully integrated managed recruitment solution. We combine expert consultants with innovative technologies to provide a higher level of rigour, benchmarking and data insights – empowering smarter hiring decisions at all levels of an organization.


Think of TALENTSPOKE as your own recruitment engine. Our platform is always in the market for you, proactively managing your recruitment process and building curated pipelines of vetted talent. Helping you hire quicker and grow faster!

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Our recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS) subscription model can scale up, down and across your organization – giving you greater flexibility as your business evolves.

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Do you have ongoing recruitment needs at the professional and mid-level? Do you have limited bandwidth and few internal resources? Are you dealing with ineffective talent acquisition teams? Do you have spikes in your recruitment needs? Only getting poor-quality candidates? Do you want a proactive approach to recruitment?

Learn how we build and maintain curated pipelines of talent for organizations with ongoing recruitment needs.

TALENTSPOKE: Recruitment at Scale

Is your business in high growth? Are you expanding into new markets? Are you a VC/PE firm scaling portfolio companies or making new investments? Are you frustrated with the lack of results from internal talent acquisition resources?

Learn how our recruitment engine will help you scale at all levels of your organization.


Are you a VC/PE firm making investments/acquisitions? Do you need support with your human capital due diligence? Need help building a recruitment strategy? Do you have a pulse on your internal talent pipeline? Looking for a way to make more data-informed hiring decisions?

Learn how our technology ensures your company has a data-driven recruitment strategy in place for when you are about to scale.


TALENTSPOKE is our secret weapon and recruitment engine! It gives our portfolio companies critical competitive advantage.

Partner, private equity firm

Thanks to TALENTSPOKE, not only have they found us exceptional talent across the organization but they reduced the time-to-hire – key for our rapidly growing company with significant hiring needs.

President, technology scale-up

The team at TALENTSPOKE is a true partner in every sense. Their dedication to finding the perfect cultural fit for our organization is backed by their evidence-based assessments and data insights.

President, health not-for-profit

TALENTSPOKE’s platform of advanced algorithms paired with seasoned search professionals has made them an integral part of our team.

VP, HR, multi-national software company

Working with TALENTSPOKE has been an absolute game-changer. Their innovative approach has revolutionized finding vetted, top-notch candidates throughout our entire organization.

SVP, HR, national logistics organization

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